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Getting paid to drink beer? The best job in the world.

How I stumbled upon the greatest** money making scheme of all time

In my many escapades into the world of making money from home. From making thousands from user research or pennies from taking surveys. One method that has stood out beyond the rest, is drinking beer and getting paid. Now that really does sound too good to be true. But as I've learnt with a lot of this, sometimes you get lucky! How can you stumble upon it?

Product testing and quality

When companies develop a new product, they need to test it with a consumer to help ensure that it is what they want. This helps them check and build the best product or service. Personally I've worked with testing companies to review: New pills, razors, aftershave and cleaning products. There's a whole world of products you could test. Generally, you get a free sample of the product and are asked to use and review this.

Companies may decide to use this feedback in their advertising campaigns.

How can I get paid to drink free beer?

Well, that's where task apps come in. There's a range of these apps that are linked in to companies and ask you to do "in field" testing. So that could be, checking a street sign or checking a lottery terminal. You'll tend to get a few pounds for these and people using the app can reserve these tasks. What tends to happen, is those in remote locations where a company really wants to tick off, the price will escalate to incentivize someone to go out of their way to complete the task.

Over the last year, Roamler has been contracted by beer companies to quality check their beer. This has been in pubs and bars all over the country. If you accept the task, you are asked to inspect the location. Prove you're there by taking a photo and then ordering a pint.

You then take a photo of the beer and submit it for review. For this, you will get the money refunded for the pint and an incentive of a few pounds on top.

How much can you earn for drinking beer?

Well, realistically, you aren't going to be making millions doing this. In fact, it's usually between £2-£5 a go. So if you needed to travel to get to that pub it might not be worth it.

However, you can get lucky.

A couple of times I ended up in a random pub in the countryside, checked the app and found there was an incentive there. Because it was out of the way, the incentive was higher than usual. I got paid up to £10 for drinking a free pint!

Another time, I got 2 offers in the same pub. So that was 2 x £5 for 2 free pints! So it's generally going to just be a few pounds here and there, however, the fact you get paid for drinking, I think is amazing.

Summary, is it worth it?

Well that depends, how you do it. I wouldn't go completely out your way to walk miles to a pub for a free pint for £2 on top. However, if it's in your local neighborhood. It definitely is. Especially, if you were to be going there any way.

And, even more so, if you can do 2 or more offers in the same place.

Overall, even though it didn't pay the most out of all the tasks, it has definitely been one of the most enjoyable.

So go, drink and be merry (and rich!)

**Maybe not financially, but you can't argue that being paid to drink beer isn't the best

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