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6 golden strategies to earn month online whilst working full time

These 6 strategies are the biggest things I have learnt in order to earn over £1000 a month after only 2 months of starting.

1. Have a goal

Starting with a goal of what you want to achieve is really useful. The simple act of writing down what you want to achieve will set you up to both consciously and subconsciously work towards that. Earning a thousand pounds extra is a massive amount for most people but actually very doable. You will see your numbers improve and working towards it will keep you motivated.

Once you've got a goal you can break that down so it's manageable. If you want to earn £300 a month. Then that's £10 a day. You can make £10 a day without too much effort. This will keep you motivated. You can break down how many days you have left and figure out how much you need to make each day to keep you on track. This can help push you to do those extra little things. Like one other survey. This will really make a difference over the long term. And that's how you should look at it. £5 a day is £1825 a year.

2. Track what you earn

What gets measured gets improved. The benefit of tracking what you earn is it will enable you to see what is paying the most and allow you to focus on those big ones. Also, it keeps you motivated to see how far off your goal you are and encourages you to beat your last month. This sounds really basic but if you get in the habit of it you are much more likely to earn more money.

3. Prioritise the big fish

The variance in hourly rate for online earners is absolutely huge. Filling out surveys you can earn £3/ hour versus research you can earn up to £100/hour. Maybe even more. Therefore if you can snag even one research project that's equivalent to do a 33 hours of surveys! It's obvious why you need to focus on the high potentials.

4. Diversify

Whilst it would be amazing to just do research projects at £100 hour the reality is these aren't going to come around that often. That means you need to be doing other things as well. This helps with so many things. Different opportunities are going to be more suited to different people and circumstances. This means you can keep doing things during otherwise wasted time. For example, if you do a survey on your way to and from work everyday that's an extra £10 a week. That doesn't sound much but there's 52 weeks in the year. That's £500 a year. By trying lots of different ways of making money there's more chance that you'll find one of those big fish. It also just makes it more enjoyable.

5. Multi-task

One of the easiest ways to increase your hourly rate is to do more than one thing at once. Surveys are a great example of this. There's often loading time between surveys which means you can do two at once through a laptop and smart phone. I would always recommend completing them honestly, thoughtfully and paying attention. However, because they tend to be straight forward it isn't too hard to do two at the same time. You can also do surveys at whilst doing any other activity. Like travelling. What might seem like small increments will actually add up and at the end of the month you'll see yourself with an extra hundred pounds. That turns in to a thousand pound over the year.

6. Love what you do

Have fun with it. The point in this is to earn extra money without it feeling like work. Being at home at doing things whenever you want help with this. But you don't want to slog things out just for an extra couple of pounds. That's why I recommend doing so many different things. It will keep it novel and if you get bored of something you can always switch it up. Also, even if something doesn't pay the best if you're enjoying doing it then why not? If it doesn't feel like work that's great. The best example of this are GPT games. You literally get paid to play a game. The hourly rate is probably not the best. But! It's the easiest work you'll ever do. So why not.

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